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Larry Archibald, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Larry Archibald
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tim Osthus, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tim Osthus
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Rey Moore, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Rey Moore
Hearing Instrument Specialist


If you or a loved one have concerns about hearing, we can help!  If you have a minute I’d love to tell you about what sets us apart from our competitors and offer you some sound advice on better hearing.

Let me start with who we are: We’ve helped thousands of patients hear better since 2011 and strive to be the premier hearing healthcare provider for those in Northern-Minnesota and Northwest-Wisconsin.  We have a lot of locations in both large and small cities across the region. Many of our patients rave about our rural outreach program and how many smaller cities we travel to!  If you live in a smaller city, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised: Why drive 60-90 minutes to see our competitors when we’re right down the road from you?

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Clarity Hearing Center:

  • When you come in to meet us, your hearing evaluation and personal consultation are completely FREE. We’ll go over the results with you and offer an honest, unbiased opinion on whether you’re ready for hearing aids or not.
  • All of our specialists have over a decade of experience working with hearing aids (Tim started in 2005, Larry started in 2007, and Rey started in 2009).  Nationwide chains commonly hire specialists with no prior experience. Working with an experienced specialists ensures they’ll be able to unlock the full potential of your hearing aids, giving you the best experience possible.
  • We’re independent and work with all of the major manufacturers.  Many nationwide chains only handle only one brand of hearing aid. Why settle for a one size fits all solution when you can come to us and see all of your different options?
  • All of our hearing aids include a full 60-day trial period so you can be confident they’re going to meet your needs or simply return them to us.
  • Free office visits for life:  If you buy your hearing aids from us then we won’t charge you for your future appointments. Need your hearing aids cleaned? Been a couple years and you need a computer adjustment to sharpen them back up again? Just want to stop in and say hi?  We’ve got you covered!

When you’re ready to take the next step find the location nearest you and call us at (800) 654-4296 to schedule your free hearing test and personal consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

– Tim, Larry, and Rey

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