Hearing Aids in Iron River Wisconsin

Why travel for hearing care when we can see you right in Iron River? We provide all of our services locally for your convenience! Live outside of Iron River? See our full list of locations and choose the one nearest you.

At Clarity we’ve been helping people hear better since 2011.  From testing and consultation to full professional hearing aid fitting and follow-on care, we’ve got you covered.  All of our specialists have over 10 years of experience fitting and servicing hearing aids. We know what it takes to help you hear your very best and take pride in our work.

Call (800) 654-4296 to schedule your FREE hearing consultation and rediscover what you’ve been missing.  After that, click here to discover what makes us unique and why we’re your best choice when it comes to hearing healthcare.

Directions to our Iron River Location

In Iron River we see patients in the Coldwell Banker Building, right on Highway 2. IMPORTANT: Please call ahead for an appointment, as we aren’t equipped to handle walk-ins.

Our clinical address is:
Clarity Hearing Center
8025 US Highway 2
Iron River, WI 54847
(800) 654-4296

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