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Our Hearing Instrument Specialists

Larry Archibald, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Larry Archibald
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tim Osthus, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tim Osthus
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Rey Moore, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Rey Moore
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Since 2011, our specialists have been providing expert hearing care throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  In that time we’ve fit thousands of different patients with high quality hearing instruments and we stand behind our work with a full risk-free 60-day trial period.

In addition to seeing patients in cities like Duluth, Bemidji, Grand Rapids, and Superior, we take pride in seeing patients in the smaller communities throughout the region that most other clinics skip over. Coming in for regular check-ups is recommended and helps ensure your hearing aids are always performing their best.  Why drive 60-90 minutes to another provider for service when we’re right down the road from where you live?

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